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Grassfed Beef Genetics: What to look for
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2006 Grass Genetics Showcase and Conference
About the Conference

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2006 Conference Summary




Please be advised: There will not be a Grass Genetics Showcase and Conference in 2007. Stay tuned for updates regarding 2008 plans!

September 29th and 30th, 2006
Kearney, NE
Buffalo County Fairgrounds
Special Keynote Address by Bill Kurtis
Confirmed Presenters: Dr. Dick Diven, Dr. Allen Williams,
Dr. Tilak Dhiman, Terry Gompert

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Welcome to Grass Genetics Plus LLC, your one-stop clearinghouse for quality genetics for grass-fed beef production.

The American beef industry is in a groove. Record high fed cattle prices, fostered by strong domestic demand and coupled with continued feed grain subsidies, have combined with the natural 'up' portion of the cattle cycle to create 'the perfect storm' for cattle producers. As in Perfect Prices.

Will it last? No. The nation's cowherd will expand again, supply will ease the upward pressures on prices, and the frenzied buying at the local auction barns will begin to compose itself in the face of a new reality. Actually an all too familiar reality: The cattle cycle, running the traces of its roughly ten-year circuit, has a nasty habit of circling back around and giving cattle producers a harsh reminder as to just what a tough business they are in.

That is the nature of the commodity beef business.

You need to know that there is a new face to the beef business. It has quietly moved from the scattered and sparse fringes of beef production and onto the dinner plates of North Americans—and the North American consumer wants more!

The cattle industry's new face is older than any of us alive today. It is grassfed beef. Grassfed beef production is presently the fastest growing segment of the beef industry. The consumer of this beef is savvy, thoughtful, 'green*' and hungry for quality grass-fed beef. (*Green, i.e. conscientious about the environment.) They are a very real market force and they are the engine driving the mushrooming grassfed beef movement in North America today.

Current demand for grassfed beef far outstrips domestic supply. The need for producers who can provide for this demand is real. But the production skills required for growing quality grassfed beef differ greatly from conventional beef production methods. And more importantly, the cattle genetics necessary to produce quality grassfed beef are radically different from those developed during the past 30 years of selecting cattle for the fed cattle industry.

Nothing stands to compromise the grassfed beef movement more than having inexperienced producers converting from conventional grain fed beef production to grassfed beef production while employing the same management philosophies and the same (wrong) cattle genetics.

And that is where you come into play.

If you are in the business of producing grassfed beef, or of producing calves that are subsequently sold into grassfed beef programs, it is time to step up to the plate. Grass Genetics Plus LLC, was developed to foster vital professional relationships between producers of quality grass genetics and growers/marketers of quality grassfed beef. (Be sure and read about the upcoming Grass Genetics Showcase and Conference.)

Farms are in serious need of the right genetics for their grassfed beef programs. Now. At visitors will be able to review, in one location, a comprehensive list of breeders dedicated to the development of grass-friendly cattle genetics in North America. There is an enormous need for getting these genetics into beef herds across the continent to increase the availability of the right calves for grassfed beef contract graziers and direct marketers.

You know you have the right genetics; you've known it all along. And now you can make a significant contribution to the production of quality grassfed beef in North America by actively marketing your breeding stock and/or calves to grassfed beef operations.

When you include your farm or ranch listing on you are extending your word to site visitors that you know the business of grass genetics, and they know they can discuss their cattle genetic needs with you; and discuss with confidence.

Place your 3 line listing with us for 12 months for just $55 annually.
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Grass Genetics Plus LLC is dedicated to making sure you're found by grassfed beef producers seeking the right grass genetics. And you'll take it from there.

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